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Brand Shopping Network is a network of various brands and products at Brand Shopping Network. We will give you a unique shopping experience as it is unique!  You will shop and have an amazing experience at the same time as products are updates on a daily basis and you can shop some discounts as well.

What will you get when you shop at Brand Shopping Network?  What's not to get!  You will shop books from some of the worlds best authors from around the world who have continued to do their best work!   You will get to shop merchandise from movies in theaters that are current and on trend like the latest super hero movies or your favorite romance books.  Right here at Brand Shopping Network you will be able to do so much more!  How about some free games and the latest in car games and video games? Its available at Brand Shopping Network!

Have you ever looked for a way to relax and enjoy your favorite pastime like a movie or reading a bevy of books? Brand Shopping Network has it all and you can shop from your home with  a "click of a mouse."  Brand Shopping Network is not just about books, shop great gift ideas gifts like your favorite holidays, Easter, Christmas, and other celebrated holidays!

You can shop the "holiday playlist" and get great gifts at up to 15% off!  Yes Brand Shopping Network is on a platform called "playlists", not your typical eCommerce shopping experience you see on the web. That's what makes us so unique!  Instead of the typical "tabs" you may see on a eCommerce website, Brand Shopping Network is on a "playlist" platform that makes it easier for you to shop, save, and have fun!!

For a unique shopping experience unlike any other you will get updated gifts and books so you won't see the "same old same old" each and every day or even month.  We thrive on the concept of being "fresh" and we do what it takes to make it happen.  So when you visit often, you will see something fresh each day and be able to have something exciting to come back to.  We like that!

One other thing that makes Brand Shopping Network such a unique experience, its "socialized". Since we are all about social media, Brand Shopping Network has made it easy for you to share your favorite books, games, comics, music, toys & games, kids stuff, with all your social media contacts. Another bit of "uniqueness" that you will experience when you shop at BSN!

So, shop, save, and have fun when you shop the "brand" experience at Brand Shopping Network,"Shop The Brands You Know!"

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The ultimate guidebook to Earth, the Nine Realms, and other dimensions from Marvel Comics, as told by Peter Quill, Rocket, Groot, and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ever since Super Heroes like Thor started stomping around planet Earth, we ve had to open our horizons a little and embrace the wider cosmos. If you re thinking of journeying to one of the many new realms for a little R n R, then don t leave Earth without Hidden Universe s guide to the cosmos, heavily annotated by Peter Quill, Gamora, Rocket, and the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Whether you re looking to spend some quality time enjoying the divine splendor of Asgard or to soak up the multicultural atmosphere of floating intergalactic waypoint Knowhere, this is the book for you. It ll even provide some tips on surviving an excursion to the Skrull Empire, if you like your vacations to be on the extreme side.

Along with breaking down the hotspots to visit at every major location in the known universe, this guide also has reams of information on the various beings that can be found throughout the cosmos, as well as their varying cultures; this can come in real handy because you sure don't want to upset an Ice Giant or get on the wrong side of an angry Kree. Filled with helpful maps, star charts, and phrase guides (if you re visiting Groot s home of Planet X, you ll be surprised how many different ways there are to say I am Groot ), the Hidden Universe s guide to the cosmos is the best way to get the most out of your intergalactic vacation.

(c) Marvel"

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Featured Brand, Star Wars

The Emperor s ruthless Order 66 has all but exterminated the last Jedi. The few remaining who still wield the Force for good have been driven into exile or hiding. But not Jax Pavan, who s been steadily striking blows against the Empire as a lone guerrilla fighter and a valued partner of Whiplash, a secret Coruscant-based resistance group. Now he s taking on his most critical mission: transporting a valued Whiplash leader, targeted for assassination, from Coruscant to safety on a distant world. It s a risky move under any circumstances, but Jax and his trusted crew aboard the Far Ranger, including the irrepressible droid I-Five, are prepared to pit their combat skills and their vessel s firepower against all Imperial threats except the one Jax fears most. Reports have raced across the galaxy that the dark lord of the Sith has fallen in a duel to the death with a Rebel freedom fighter. But Jax discovers the chilling truth when he reaches out with the Force . . . only to touch the dark, unmistakable, and malignantly alive presence that is Darth Vader. And Jax knows that Vader will stop at nothing until the last Jedi has fallen."

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