It’s a Wild West Battle on ‘Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars’

Things are getting weird in the west on two new episodes of “Marvel’s Avenger: Secret Wars,” airing this coming Sunday morning on Disney XD!

First, in “Weirdworld,” Black Widow and Captain Marvel must stop the now-separated Bruce Banner and Hulk from hurting each other, while they battle the evil Morgan Le Fay.

Then, in “Westland,” Hawkeye, Vision, and Wasp head to the old west world of 1872 to find Doctor Strange.

We’ve got a preview clip for you from “Westland” at the top of the page, and as you can see, there are several other familiar faces who make an appearance!

“Marvel’s Avenger: Secret Wars” – “Weirdworld” and “Westland” air Sunday, March 4 on Disney XD at 8:00 – 9:00am ET/PT.

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