Perfecting the Mobile Action RPG – Dragon Raja [Interview]

Dragon Raja, the new action RPG from US publisher Playwith Interactive, looks to offer the most finely tuned example of the genre yet.

Based on a popular series of Korean fantasy novels, it asks you to step into the shoes of various heroes with an impressive range of powers.

The team behind Dragon Raja spoke to Gamezebo about the importance of the game’s narrative, tips for new players, and future plans for the title.


Can you explain a little about how the game works, and the genre it fits into?

The game would fall under the genre of a classic ARPG title.  You control one of the members of your party using a touch joystick and a combination of attacks, with special abilities to help you in battle. You take on waves of different enemies as you progress through the stages and each stage offers a unique boss battle at the end.  Any one of your members may be swapped out at a given time if there’s a character better suited to the enemies you face, or your playstyle.

The game involves battling through many stages of the map and narrative, with each progressing in difficulty and providing distinct rewards that will assist you with upgrading equipment, unlocking and enhancing characters, and of course acquiring special items to aid with progression.  The game blends combat beautifully with the tremendous narrative that is Dragon Raja, and brings you into the world of Bisus before opening you up to a whole realm of content that includes PvP, raiding, guilds, battle points, fortress defence, and more.

How important is the narrative element of the game?

Given that the game is based on the critically acclaimed high-fantasy novel series from South Korea, Dragon Raja, the narrative is a crux of the game.  The Dragon Raja series captured the minds of millions of readers and is sure to do so with the mobile game as well.  Hours can be spent without notice given that you will want to progress the story and learn more about the characters and their plight.  I’m sure the best qualities of the narrative are presented in the game in an interactive way so that newcomers to Dragon Raja will also fall in love with the title, and offers replay-ability from the very beginning, much like a book.

In the game you will assume the role of Hutch Nedval, a lowly candle maker from the town of Fief Heltant, a poor town that has been in a horrible state since the rise of Amurtaht, an evil black dragon.  You begin on your conquest to save your father from Amurtaht’s clutches, as he has been taken for ransom during an effort to slay the dragon, and soon find yourself in the midst of a struggle to save the entire kingdom of Bisus.

Can you explain the team system in the game, and why it’s unique?

For the narrative part of the game, you can enter combat with 3 heroes that you have collected through hero pieces and bundles.  You will begin each level with the hero in the first position, but can switch to either of your party members throughout battle, so long as you have enough energy.  As a new party member enters battle, they will have a buff based on their skills, so who your choice of heroes and their buffs will aid you in getting through the tougher battles.  In addition to the skillset and fighting style of your chosen party members, there’s also a “Karma” point system.

The Karma point system shows you which combinations of heroes will provide you additional buffs for the entirety of the fight.  For example, the trio of Sanson, Hutch, and Karl, three main protagonists from Heltant, will provide you with an extra physical damage buff if they are selected to go into combat as a party.  The sheer number of combinations possible with all of the heroes, along with the possible summons available to you creates a combat experience unique to Dragon Raja. The team system will also come into play as you begin PvP, with different heroes offering bonuses on a given day, and it is up to you to figure out the best combinations to take on your opponents.  Be the smartest and most agile, and you can become the strongest PvPer on the server.

In addition to the Scenario mod and PvP, Dragon Raja features 30 vs 30 guild wars. Players can participate in guild wars with heroes registered in guild war parties who can be classified into commander, scout or soldier class. Each class has a special skill to use and the purpose of guild wars is to conquer territory to obtain the victory points. The guild with 100,000 victory points will win the war.

Which part of the game are you personally the most proud of and why?

The narrative is truly one part of the game that we personally take pride in.  Being capable of bringing such a fantastic story from the East to Western audiences is something that we truly value.  We believe at the core of any RPG is the narrative and the success is almost solely determined on whether the user enjoys the characters and story that unfolds, and Dragon Raja certainly has that going for it.

Having said that, the ability to have brought what we determine to be a complete ARPG title is something we think can be missing from mobile RPG development nowadays.  We provide all the expected features of an RPG title from raiding to PvP, community with guilds, dungeon exploration, large number of playable characters and fantastic summons, events and rewards that fulfil the user while playing, all strung together with a compelling narrative that will keep you coming back for more.

What tips do you have for people playing Dragon Raja for the first time?

I would say for first time players to Dragon Raja, or any ARPG, just to take it slow. There’s a huge amount of content for the player to enjoy for hours every day, and could be overwhelming for a newcomer to the genre.  Having said that, the content is introduced at a very manageable pace and gives the player more than enough time to investigate each feature so that they can understand and enjoy each facet of the game.  Take your time to progress and enjoy the story, while experimenting with different hero combinations and features the game has to offer, and you will very much enjoy your Dragon Raja experience.

Do you have anything planned in terms of future updates for the game?

As part of any mobile game, and especially an RPG title, updates are mandatory to keep the game fresh and players entertained.  We already have specific events lined up that grant different rewards or achievements and intend to continue with these so that will keep players coming back for more.

The current build of the game allows users to play up to level 40 in spite of the max level cap of 90 which means there is more content to come in the near future. More specifically, the upcoming content will include the Tower of Light, Djipen Front, Eternal Forest, Heltant Defence Match, Brown Mountain, Letis’ Test, and Boss Raid. Therefore, please stay tuned for more updates with our official Facebook page.

You can download Dragon Raja via the App Store and Google Play now.

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