Top 10 Celebrities Who Love Wimbledon

Top 10 Celebrities Who Love Wimbledon // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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You know these celebrities from their acting, singing, and in one case Royalty, but did you know that they were also tennis fans who loved attending Wimbledon? WatchMojo UK presents the Top 10 Celebrities You Are Most Likely to See at Wimbledon! But who will take the top spot? Will it be David Beckham, The Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, or Oscar-nominated Bradley Cooper? Watch to find out!

00:26 #10. Tom Hiddleston
00:55 #9. Katherine Jenkins
01:31 #8. Jude Law
02:04 #7. Tess Daly and Vernon Kay
02:40 #6. Sir Chris Hoy
03:19 #5. Drake
03:53 #4. Niall Horan
04:28 #3, #2, #1 ???

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