Skateboarding Through Russia with Masha Zakirova Discover more...


Skateboarding Through Russia with Masha Zakirova

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(This interview was conducted in Russian.)

Masha Zakirova (@koteeeeo) takes to the streets of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, doing the sport she discovered just three years ago at 17. “I purchased a second-hand board, and it turned everything in my life upside down,” says Masha. “I’ve had so many exciting experiences already and met so many new friends. I know I’m going to be skateboarding my whole life.”

Masha, an architecture student, is inspired by her everyday environment, and is hungry to learn more about the world. “So much comes from just observing my surroundings — architecture, nature, even sports. The desire to understand the world around me is what keeps me moving forward and improving.”

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