Meet Maayan Ziv, Canada’s Own Accessibility Detective This...


Meet Maayan Ziv, Canada’s Own Accessibility Detective

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“Being an accessibility detective wasn’t a job I wanted to have,” says Maayan Ziv (@maayanziv_), a photographer who was born with muscular dystrophy. “But I got so frustrated with spending hours calling ahead and researching to find out if the places I wanted to go were wheelchair accessible. I just wanted to get out and do the things I want, like anyone else.”

Maayan’s solution was to start Access Now (@accessnowapp), an app that crowdsources information about the accessibility of places to people with disabilities worldwide. She was inspired by the open spirit of her home of Toronto: “Wherever I go, there are conversations about creating equal opportunity for all, no matter your background, gender, religion, ability or ethnicity,” she says. “Many people think accessibility is only something for people with disabilities. But people aren’t disabled; it’s our environments that are disabling. The truth is that we all benefit from accessible, inclusive spaces.”

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