Documenting Stories of Transphobia and Homophobia with...


Documenting Stories of Transphobia and Homophobia with @whereloveisillegal

It’s June, and in many countries that means it’s time to celebrate #Pride2017. All month long, we’ll be sharing stories from diverse LGBTQ community members from around the world.

Through his project “Where Love is Illegal” (@whereloveisillegal), Robin Hammond (@hammond_robin) has his #EyesOn survivors of transphobia and homophobia. “The project hopefully provides a platform where these people can say, ‘We are not unholy, unnatural and immoral — this is our story, and this is the real impact of transphobia and homophobia on our lives,’” says the New Zealand-born photojournalist. Launched after Robin heard the story of four gay men who were arrested and tortured, “Where Love is Illegal” gives power back to Robin’s LGBTQ subjects — who live in countries around the world — by letting them write their own testimonies and tear up the printed photos he takes of them if they feel endangered. “The whole narratives of their lives have been controlled by people who are hostile toward them,” says Robin. “Now, they have agency over how they are seen and heard.”

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