Discover the Playful Paper Art of @aurelycerise To see more of...


Discover the Playful Paper Art of @aurelycerise

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Aurelie Cerise (@aurelycerise) never dreamed she’d become a paper artist for a fairly logical reason — by trade, she was a pharmacist. But during an especially hectic time in her life a few years ago, the Parisian found paper art as a calming hobby. “When I built paper props, I discovered that it really soothed me,” she says.

Aurelie’s art is playful and imaginative — a fruit basket bursting with cherries, berries and lemons; a tomato plant growing in stop motion; bubbles swirling and popping above a cup of tea — and soon, she found herself juggling two full-time jobs. When stress threatened her well-being again last year, Aurelie quit her day gig to focus on paper art. “It’s really hard,” she says. “I work hours and hours. But I have this feeling of freedom, and that’s priceless.”

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