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Exploring the French Riviera by Vespa

Renting a Vespa to Explore the French Riviera Riding along the French Riviera with the wind in my hair has long been a dream of mine, and while I first imagined it would involve a tanned Italian boy at the steering wheel of a classic vintage car… driving myself on a 50 km/h vespa was a second prize I was willing to accept. If you find yourself in the South of France and would like to recreate my journey in one day, I took the route from Cannes through to Monaco and back, which could easily be done in reverse direction or dragged out to a few days should you have more time to stop in each destination overnight. Here are the highlights! Start in The City of Cannes  For my first stop in the South of France, I flew to Nice Airport from Paris and transferred to my beachside hotel in Cannes. You have probably already heard the name before in reference to the Cannes film festival, which takes place in Spring each year and attracts a wide-range of celebs and their wannabe counterparts to the …

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